Aanbiddingslied van de Week

Dat God tot ieder van ons wil spreken over onze bijdrage aan het bouwen van Zijn Koninkrijk hier op aarde stond zondag centraal. 
Wij mogen ook wat dat betreft leren luisteren naar Zijn stem. 
Immers: I won’t win this battle with the strength of my own hands……

You’re always moving in the unseen
The breath You exhale sustaining me
Before I call, You know my need
You’re always going before me

 I’m confident Your faithfulness will see me through
My soul can rest, my righteousness is found in You
With every moment left, in every borrowed breath, let this be true
That all my heart, for all my life belongs to you

Your laughter scatters my enemies
You give me joy for my mourning
You lift my head, so I can see All of Heaven surrounding me

I won’t win this battle with the strength of my own hands
You’re the Mountain Mover, and only You can
I won’t build my life on sinking sand
You’re my hope forever, the Rock where I stand

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