Aanbiddingslied van de Week

In de dienst van zondag stond onze reactie op Jezus uitnodiging  om voor Zijn vrijheid te kiezen centraal; Licht in de duisternis, come and have Your way…..

When You speak; darkness has to bow, confusion has its final hour.
When You speak; mountains rise and fall, it tears down every wall around us.
When You speak; You breathe upon the dust, You come alive in us.
When You speak; You silence every fear, we feel Your Spirit here around us.

Let there be light until it fills up every space, come and have Your way.
Just one word and I am changed, come and have Your way.

Now, You’re everything we seek as deep cries out to deep, we will see God.
Here, Your glory on display, Jesus take Your place, we will see God.

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