Aanbiddingslied van de Week

In de aanbidding van zondag stonden Jezus opofferende liefde en Gods glorie centraal. In Zijn kracht mogen wij in ons dagelijks leven vol passie getuigen van wat Jezus in ons leven doet….

I climb up high above the tree line ‘cause I wanna see Your face.
The mountains hight and the valleys deep, but You are waiting there in the clearing.
With fire in Your eyes, fire in Your eyes.

You wash me clean with clear bright water running down my soul.
You cloth me with the oil of laughter and joy begins to take control.
Like fire in Your eyes, like Fire in Your eyes.

Strength, You give me strength.
You lift my weary heart, You are the fire in my veins.
Strength, You give me strength.
You raise me up again, I will never be the same.

You God never grow tired or faint,
You never gonna change the way You love me Jesus.
Your love knows no height or depth and knows no length or width.
And it’s changing me again.

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