Aanbiddingslied van de Week

Zondag stond de keuze om in Gods bestemming voor ons (dagelijks) leven te gaan staan centraal; Greater things have yet to come….. 

 I am no victim, I live with a vision.
I’m covered by the force of love, covered in my Savior’s blood.

I am no orphan, I’m not a poor man.
The Kingdom’s now become my own and with the King I’ve found a home.

He’s not just reviving, not simply restoring.
Greater things have yet to come, greater things have yet to come.

He is my Father, 
I do not wonder If His plans for me are good, If He’ll come through like He should.
Cause He is provision and enough wisdom to usher in my brightest days, to turn my mourning into praise.

I am who He says I am, He is who He says He is.
I’m defined by all His promises, shaped by every word He says.

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