Aanbiddingslied van de Week

In de aanbidding van zondag stond dankbaarheid voor wat Jezus voor ons heeft gedaan centraal. Thank You Jesus…..

How do I say thank You Lord.
For the way that You love, and the way that You come.
For all that You’ve done, and all that You’ll do.
My heart pours out, thank You.

You don’t have to come, but You always do.
You show up in splendor and change the whole room.

How do I say thank You Lord.
For the life that You gave, the cross that You bore.
For the love you poured out, to ransom my soul.
My heart pours out, this thankful song.

You walked through all of my walls conquered my shame.
Stepped into my past filled my world with grace.
You didn’t have to come, but You wanted to.

I see the fire in Your eyes, I see the mercy in Your smile.
I feel the fury of Your love all around us.
There’s a King in the room with fire in His eyes and redemption in His heart.

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